Welcome to the web site of the Art League of Daytona Beach.  Please visit us at 433 South Palmetto Avenue in the heart of Daytona’s historic district. Location.  The Art League was founded in 1929 and chartered in 1932, and has grown to a membership of 400 artists and supporters who contribute to our educational and artistic mission:

 “To promote the creation and appreciation of fine art through education, exhibition, fellowship, and outreach opportunities for artists of all levels of experience.”

Our gallery exhibits offer artists of all levels opportunities to display their works on a regular basis.  Ongoing weekly classes and periodic workshops enable artists to study with experienced teachers to further develop their skills and creativity.  Our volunteers and donors are essential participants in maintaining the operations of our organization.

We’d love to have you join us!  For membership information, click on the “About” heading, or use this link:          http://www.artleague.org/index.php/about/membership/

To contact us, click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  The galleries will be closed from July 26 through the month of August.   We will resume our regular schedule, starting on September 7, with the opening of the “Faculty Show”.  Thank you!


“PROGRESSIONS” - An exhibit by Kathy Bloem featuring paintings of her niece Kali from infancy through her early teens; opening in Studio A Sunday, September 7, 100 to 400.  For more information, click on http://www/artleague.org/index.php/progressions/

“FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING” AWARD WINNERS – Photos of award-winning works and artists; click on http://www.artleague.org/index.php/figuratively-speaking-award-winners.

UPDATES 7-22-14:  Exhibition schedule September 2014 through July 2015; click on “Exhibits” link at top of the page;  programs, including “Sundays With the Artists” series; click on “Calendar” link at the top of the page.

‘THE FACULTY SHOW/OPEN HOUSE-DEMO DAY” – Coming in September and October, two popular annual events.  For more info and a gallery of exhibitors’ work, click here: http://www.artleague.org/index.php/the-faculty-show-2/ .

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION FORMS FOR 2014/2015 – For a list of our Fall 2014 and Winter/Spring workshops see the following link:  http://www.artleague.org/index.php/workshop-schedule-for-2014-and-2015/                For a printable registration form, see the following link:  http://www.artleague.org/index.php/registration-form.

Art League programs are funded in part by a grant from the Volusia County Cultural Council.

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